Current Version 1.0

Are you looking into having your own or company iPhone application to showcase your products, notify your customers with upcoming promotions and allows your users to get in touch with your business easily? Increase you marketing efficiency with iBlitz.

What is iBlitz?

iBlitz is a native iPhone application designed to provide business with a quick and easy platform to enter into the Mobile platform without the need of programming knowledge. It provides the bridge to allows the users to connect and keep updated with your products and promotions.

  • Native Objective C App

    - With our applications build with pure objective c, we are able to achieve faster loading application. using the native code also means a smooth scrolling response for the UI.

  • Straight out-of-box template

    - Without wasting resources to work on the app design, we provide various out-of-box designs to enable you to quickly get your app out in the iTune store.

  • Manage, create and update easily at anytime

    - Our client do not need to know any coding to update contents on their apps. Client can create new content, edit or delete existing contents with a few clicks of buttons. This allows for better content controls that will be served to the viewers. With the content served directly from the server, users are able to view the most updated content immediately on the point.

  • Scheduled Push notification

    - Our client can use our inbuild push notification feature directly from our CMS with your own push notification message and the date that the push notification will be shown to your users to notify them of new or important news and promotions. This allows your users to be up-to date with your company events and increase marketing efficiency.

  • Neat and clean products navigations

    - Our clients have the ability to list and sort products, articles and services into different categories with give the users a clean, and neat navigation through the app.

  • Marketing through Social medias

    - Each products, articles or service can be shared on the facebook or emailed to friends with a click of a button. This allows the product, articles or service to be shared via popular social medias and increase marketing efficiency for our client.

  • Get connected with your users

    - iBlitz allows our client to provide various contact means for users to contact our client for various communications. These includes:

    • iBlitz allows our client to display their company address as well as all the branch
    • iBlitz allows users to check our client company address or branch through the google map API
    • Users are able to contact our client through phone calls or email with a click of a button